De-Raconteur Writers’ Course
Are you a Child of God? Have you always wanted to write, but never quite had the courage to start? Do you feel the need to sharpen your rough edges and write your words in Gold?

What are you still waiting for?

I want to invite you to the "De-Raconteur Writers' Course" Which runs from 1st to 7th July 2018.

Deraconteur TV

The De-Raconteur Writing Course is a unique writing course that runs for a week each for each session.

It is scheduled to hold on a WhatsApp group.

The payment deadline for this edition closes on the 30th, June 2018.

Hence, people who are willing to join now but have little or no cash right now can actually save towards that day.

God bless you all.

Is this program meant for me?

Oh yes! This training is opened to you if you are:

  • A child of God who has experienced and received the gift of salvation
  • A Christian writer who wants to get better
  • A Christian who is interested in knowing the art of writing.

What Makes DWC Different From Other Online Courses?

There are many online writing courses all around and here comes DWC again. You might be wondering what makes DWC different.
Professional Trainer
The convener/facilitator, Lizzy Oyebola Oyekunle is not just a Christian writer. She is a trained Christian writer. With a first degree in Mass Communication and a second degree in Journalism, you can trust that the convener is well trained in the art of writing ANYTHING!
Award Winning Writer
The convener is a lady who has won awards from her secondary school days of being creative. She won the 'Most Creative Student' award from her alma mater.
Christain Blogger at
The convener blogs at and the accolades from activities on the blog since it started in 2016 have been massive. Drawing thousands of readers weekly, there must be something that fascinates them- A difference!
Alumni Club Membership
Every trained graduate of DWC has an opportunity of being a part of the alumni club where issues regarding writing can be sorted out, even after the training!

Inside De-raconteur Writers’ Course

DWC is going to be in three different classes.

The Basic Class
This is for a child of God who wants to be a writer. The person may or may not have a knowledge of writing. It comes up first.
The Advanced Class
This is a continuation of the Basic Class syllabus. Here, a step is taken further to understand the intricacies of writing.

For Non-writers, you must have taken the Basic Class before you can take this class.

For writers, you can proceed directly here even though undertaking the Basic class would be to your own advantage.
Refreshers’ Class
This can come randomly, anytime. It is a conference of Christian writers who have undergone the Basic and Advanced Classes. It is a coming together of the alumnus to refresh their writing skills.

Don’t forget, a professional writer is an amateur who doesn’t quit!

Here's What you stand to gain at the end of the training?

  • An in-depth, simple-to-understand knowledge about the art of writing.
  • A certificate of participation
  • A publication of the three best stories after each class on which means exposure to the thousands of visitors the blog witnesses every week.
  • An alumni relationship after the training.
  • 30% discount on editing fee for all DWC alumnus i.e Being a member opens you to have an advantage of getting your works edited 30% lesser than what others pay. (Details to come up later)
  • And lots more

To Gain Admission into The De-Raconteur Writers' Course, A One-Time Payment of ₦5,000 Entry Fee is Required.

Don't Like to Reveal Your Card Details Online? Simply Transfer to:

Account Name: Lizzy Oyekunle Oyebola
Bank Name: Access Bank [Savings Account]
Account No: 070-1105-202

After payment, simply send a quick mail with your details such as (Full Name, Mode of payment, Receipt Details) to and I'll personally set you up as soon as possible.
you might want to read as it was posted in their own words...
Ameh Omale
“I think you, Lizzy have initiated me into the genre of reading about relationships. I used to consider it a feminine pastime. I must confess its gradually degrading my stoic self.

May God give you more insights. You are an asset!”.
Temitope Mercy
"Hmmmm...I thank God that I am among the lucky ones that read from your blog.

More power to your elbow ma".
Henry Maduka
"Sometimes I wonder how much God has indeed blessed you!

May the oil of God in your life never get dry!".
Oduniyi Olajide
"Awesome! I cried for the first time ever reading a story.

More ink to your pen dearie and more of God’s Grace and Wisdom I pray".
Agor Kelechi
I’m proud of you Lizzy, I’m very sure Heaven is proud of you too. God has anointed you for great things.

You will fulfil His purpose for your life in Jesus’ name. May the Lord smile on you.
Esther Ibukunoluwa Oyekunle
“This very thing I ask God: that He grants you more grace to carry on the duties He has commissioned into your hands more successfully!

I’m blessed by your write-ups and it feels great to be identified with you! Me, Myself and I love you...and we look forward to reading more insightful ones”.
John Annavi Òlòríré
- “Liz, Liz, you will never know how God is using your blog to minister to people. You are building a real treasure trove of great teaching and clarification in a time when it has never been needed more. I have learned so much and I am grateful for that.

May God encourage you to faithfully continue teaching the bible through your great life stories. Thank you so much and may the Holy Spirit continue to glorify Christ in you!”.
"I just got to see your blog-site due to my inquisitiveness on something. Thanks for releasing your life to the Master. May you forever remain eternally relevant in his Hands". - Olatundun Olukoya

"Your writings are pungent and very thought-provoking. Please keep the good works you are doing up". - Rotimi Odejayi

"Lizzy, don’t I just love you right now? Keep being an instrument in the Hands of God dear". - Ijay Ezenwere

"You are a wonderful writer. Keep it up!" - Adeleke Julianah

"I pray for more inspiration by the Spirit of Truth as you lead many in the path of truth through your stories". - Akinremi Oluwabunmi

"Your stories are just too inspiring ma’am. God bless and keep you for us". - Ajayi Oluremi

"This writer is not just a being but naturally endowed human - Jumoke
“You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change direction overnight.” - Jim Rohn

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The perfect writing course for both beginning and experienced Christian writers.
Registration Closes on 30th of June.
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